We are Sandy and Rob Higgins and we are the owners of The Grey Outdoors Leisure Tours.                                      We purchased the business in 2011 to get away from the seven days per week environment that had been our lives for the previous 20 years.

We have both worked for many years in the retail industry and have learned the importance of customer service in the operation of a successful business.  We now use those important skill to provide a more persolalized experience to all of the people who travel with us. 


We aim to provide an opportunity for active seniors to get out and socialize, have a few laughs, and enjoy the company of others in a safe and friendly environment.


We recognise that by providing a relaxed atmosphere and having a few laughs, we can help releive the stress and tension that can build up when people have limited social activities in their lives. Especially if they live alone.


We have deliberately kept the business small to allow us to give all of our passengers a little bit more care and attention on all of our trips.


Your safety is uppermost in our mind at all times when you are on any of our trips.

We have all of the required licences, permits and insurances to operate this business.

In all the years that we have operated this business we have not had an accident or speeding fine whilst on any trip.

You can travel with us knowing that you are safe and fully protected. 


We provide the opportunity, but it is up to you to take action to make it happen.