Is this your dream?


           Just imagine – one day a little bus turns up at your front door to take you on a exciting tour! Perhaps it could be just for a day, or even a short holiday.

          Imagine stepping into the bus to a chorus of “hello’s” from the happy and fun people on board.

          Imagine that the little bus is wonderfully comfortable.

          Imagine whilst on that trip you stopped for morning tea and enjoyed a drink and some delicious home cooked treats.  


          Imagine that when you are having lunch you are able to chat with your new friends that you made on the trip.


Imagine, after a wonderful day out you are dropped back at your front door.


          Imagine how good you would feel. Yes that really is how good it is to


take a day trip with The Grey Outdoors. That’s why so many day trip


customers like the tours so much that they book trips every month.


          Every month brings new trips and new places to visit. New destinations


every month means that there is bound to be a trip that suits you coming up.


          So, instead of just imagining, would you like to know how to turn this


dream into reality?


          All you need to contact us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Then, just like magic your dream can come true.




          You never know, this could be the start of the rest of your life.

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                     As one of the "No Wrinkles -                       No Ride clients let me say                          this, " For an exceptional fun                     outing, be it day trips or                           overnight trips, I can strongly recommend this kind and caring service by Sandy and Rob".

                   Pat Powell......... Newtown



 I have always had fun and                          been looked after on Sandy                      and Robs trips. Being picked-                    up and dropped-off at my                 home is a big bonus.                                        Isobel Hargreaves....... Newtown


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